Monday, August 18, 2014

Camp Superlative Awards!

As many of you know, every camper was awarded a particular "superlative" or award based on a particular character trait, achievement, or hobby.  Here is a complete list of every camper's award this year!

Future President: Maddox B.

Two Peas in a Pod: Ashley D. & Ali W.
Best Dressed: Luella D.
Best Camp Helper: Phoebe D.
Most Likely to Be an Olympic Gymnast: Edie F.
Best Sportsmanship: Tommy G.
Most Likely to Become a Paleontologist: Logan G.
Most Energetic: Oscar H.
Loudest Yell: Boaz H.
Best Climber: Sharona H.
Best Biker: Olive J.
Most Likely to Be a Counselor: Laudin J.
Headed to Hollywood: Lucy J.
Most Big Eye Pets: Maddie J.
Most Spirited: Olivia J. 
Queen of the Tire Swing: Annie K.
Most Stylish Hair: Franny K. 
Camp Lookalikes: Annalivia L. & Molly S.
Speedy Gonzales: Lincoln L.
Ray of Sunshine: Emily M.
Best Laugh: Declan M.
Most Courteous: Jackson M.
Super Smile: Alex M.
Camp Comedian: Charlie O. 
Most Curious: Clare P.
Most Likely to Become a Superhero: Blake P.
Most Caring: Marguerite P.
Most Glamorous: Meredith R. 
Camp Look-alikes: Molly S. & Annalivia L.
Best Dancer: Polly S.
Most Intense: Tucker S.
Worker Bee: Emery S. 
Homerun Hitter: Tanner S.
Most Compassionate: Emerson T. 
Queen of the Sandbox: Gwen T.
Fastest Runner: Penelope T.
Longest Hair: Rosey V. 
Future American Idol: CeCe V.
Best Artist: Isaac V.
Daredevil: George V.
Two Peas in a Pod: Ali W. & Ashley D. 
Awesome Attendance: Adyson W.
Best Listener: Amelia W.
Most Enthusiastic: Parson W.
Most Laidback: Philip W.
Best Brother: Xander W.

Carnival Dunk Tank

Videos of counselor Eli and director Sarah getting dunked in the tank!

CYGW Carnival

The kids loved dunking counselor Eli!

The water slide was a TON of fun!

Waiting in line for the dunk tank

Some of the lovely ladies of CYGW

Our "bottomless buffet" of snacks!

About to dunk counselor Sophie!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Day of Camp!

Everyone had a great time this week making snow globes and playing on Water Day.  Tomorrow marks the last day of camp for summer 2014!  As a reminder, at camp there will be a ton of fun things - a water slide, dunk tank, slip 'n' slide, games, and lots of snacks! Remember to send your child to camp with a swim suit. 

There are also a ton of forgotten items left in the cabin from the course of the summer.  Our goal is to have the cabin completely cleaned out tomorrow after camp, so please check to make sure your child did not accidentally leave something at camp. 

Finally, thank you for a wonderful summer at Camp Ya-Gotta-Wanna.  It's been a pleasure working with everyone and getting to know everyone involved in the program.  I hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bucky Pictures

Playing in the rain!

CYGW Loves Bucky!

 Bucky visited camp today!  The kids had a wonderful time following him around and playing with him.  He was glad to see so many campers wearing badger gear!